B2B Order Management Software: The Sales Rep Role

As a wholesale company that sells to other businesses, the ultimate goal is to build fruitful and ongoing relationships with customers while maximizing the size and number of product orders. So, what does it mean for businesses when a B2B e-commerce ordering system is introduced? This kind of software enables customers to directly order the items they need at any time, which is a process that sales representatives have almost exclusively managed for decades. If used strategically, this type of e-commerce software can be used as a helpful tool for cultivating better customer relationships, and therefore closing more sales for companies.

It sounds like this type of program will handle some employees’ daily duties. What specifically will change once the software is implemented?

The B2B wholesale sphere is an industry that relies heavily on sales representatives to cover essential, but time-consuming tasks such as order processing and confirmation. With modern technology, the role of the sales rep is changing. Order management softwares (Flowsmith, for example) will serve to automate the more tedious tasks of the day - think that going forward, sales reps would more heavily work with the customer instead of for the customer. With ordering software making product and stock information available for review, sales reps would no longer have to perform laborious administrative tasks. Without those obligations, reps can more specifically focus on negotiation and consultative tactics, made easy by the software’s user-friendly interface. The sales rep will continue to be essential to driving business, as clients are buying from those who can get their foot in the door the earliest - reps will continue to be relied on by companies to conduct timely follow-ups with clients to ensure sales opportunities. On the other side, clients will count on reps to provide helpful guidance and pricing options.

I’m a sales rep for a wholesale company. How can I best use this ordering software as a tool for closing more sales?

  1. Get to know customers on a deeper level and personalize your sales approaches.

With order management software, clients will have a trackable profile within the system. Using your customers’ profile information, you can assess their existing needs and goals based on sales performance, order history, and more. These insights will assist in lead generation - now, you’ll be armed with prior knowledge of customer desires before entering a potential customer call. Another way to use customer insights provided by the software is to formulate personalized deals and discount strategies for customers to ensure that both their goals and your company’s goals are completely met. Ultimately, tailoring sales calls and promotions to specific clients will serve to ensure superb customer experiences and sale successes that benefit you and your clients the most. 

  1. Leave room for more sales ventures by minimizing order processing and confirmation times.

Instead of spending an excessive amount of time on the phone processing orders, checking stock status, and awaiting confirmations, the software will allow you to become more specialized in your role as a sales representative. Using the system, any purchase orders you have facilitated will be processed and confirmed by email immediately after placement, eliminating wait times almost completely. This will allow you more headspace to focus on customer interactions and on-boarding. 

  1. Consulting: with insight gained from client feedback, become even more effective in planning your future strategy.

After you make a sale using the new order management system, your client will be able leave feedback on products, promotions, and the overall quality of service. Use this feedback to help your company strategize its next moves - this software provides you with invaluable customer insights that were previously inaccessible, effectively turning your role into a superpower for future growth. 

Overall, B2B e-commerce ordering software is a tool that, if used strategically, will ensure a heightened customer experience. Flowsmith offers a specialized Sales Rep portal that reps can effectively use to their advantage, and with it guide their company to success. The future is bright - the sphere of technological advancement and automation is developing rapidly, but Flowsmith’s intuitive system interface will guarantee a smooth transition upon implementation. In summary, order management technology will prove to be an asset to any wholesale business, sales rep, or customer.

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