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A hands-on solution for wholesalers, by wholesalers.
QuickBooks® order and inventory management made easy and tailored to your needs.

Our story

Our story

Flowsmith was specially developed by wholesalers directly in touch with the needs and priorities of such businesses. This means the very first Flowsmith client was us!
Our own positive experience pushed us to want to share our product with other wholesalers just like you.
We know every industry has its particularities. That’s why Flowsmith is constantly evolving and can be personalized to your company’s needs.

What we’re after

Making B2B Wholesale order processing Easy!

We are in perpetual search of improving how processes are faced and challenges confronted, because they are our own. Our goal is to simplify tasks, save time and generate positive experiences so you can focus on growth.


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We want Flowsmith to fit your needs.

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