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How long does it take to install Flowsmith?

The initial installation takes just a few hours. Then, once you have uploaded your pictures, the portal will be ready.

Which QuickBooks versions do I need to get Flowsmith?

Flowsmith runs with any version of QuickBooks Desktop.

Does Flowsmith work with QuickBooks for Mac?

Unfortunately no; Intuit does not supply integrations in QuickBooks for Macintosh/iOS

Do I need a server for Flowsmith?

Flowsmith does not need it's own server. The connector is installed on any Windows computer that has QuickBooks in it.

How can I tell if an order comes from a customer or a Sales Rep?

Sales Reps' orders have the rep's info displayed in the order's overview.

Can I identify whether an order was placed through Flowsmith or a different channel?

Yes, if you create a class in QuickBooks (for example FS or Portal), then it can be assigned automatically to the Portal orders.

Add an admin account

You can add as many admins as you'd like. Click the + button at the bottom of the screen and then enter the email address. Be sure to click the enable box to activate the new admin. Click here for more info

Change password

After creating a new admin, you will need to assign them a password. Click here for more info.

Enabling admin access

Once you create an admin you can manage their access with a simple click. Click here for more info

How do I add customers to Flowsmith?

Customers are imported from QuickBooks. To access the portal, all they will need to do is create a password.

How do customers log into the Portal

Their username will be the existing email that they have registered on QuickBooks. You can create passwords for them on the control panel, or they can find it themselves through the login page.

Enabling customers
  • A customer has to be active in QuickBooks before it can be enabled in Flowsmith.
  • Enable - Select the customer you want to enable and click on the "Enabled" box. In order to allow for out of stock products to be ordered, be sure to click the “Can order out of stock” box. Click here for more info on working with customers
  • All customers have the "Place Orders" box checked by default. If you enable a customer and uncheck the "Place Orders" box then, that customer will be able to browse through your portal, and even add products to the cart, but will not be able to place an order.
  • You can filter the list to find customers faster. Click here for more info
Changing password

Customers can find their passwords through the "Retrieve Password" link on the sign-in page. You can also do it for them from the Control Panel in a few simple steps. Click here for more info

Can I enable multiple customers with one action?

Yes. From the Control Panel, simply select multiple customers and change their status from the options on the menu at the bottom of the screen. Click here for info on how to filter customers

Sales Reps
    Create a Sales Rep
    • To create a new Sales Rep click on the + button at the bottom of the screen. Then type the requested information in the form. Here, the password can be changed or requested by the Rep at the log-in page. Click here for more info.
      If the email you use for the Rep is also assigned to a customer in QuickBooks the Rep version of the website will override all other customers with the same address.
    Is there a limit in the quantity of Sales Rep users?
    • No, there is no limit, the Premium version comes with 2 Reps created but you can add as many as you want.
    General product info

    Flowsmith allows you to choose whether to show all your items or to only show the items in stock (according to the stock availability status from QuickBooks). If you decide to show all your items, you can also decide whether customers/reps can place purchase orders for out of stock items.

    Enabling products

    Products have to be enabled in the portal in order to be available for the customer to purchase. You can enable them one-by-one or enable multiple items at the same time. See video guide.

    Sorting Products - Custom sort

    By default, customers can view your products by item name or by description. Flowsmith allows for the ability to customize the sorting categories. To custom sort your products, simply go to Categories, select the Category you want to sort and click on the "Edit Products Order" button. You can then drag and drop the products in the order you wish to display them. See video guide.

    Choosing which products to display.

    You can also show an item as out of stock even if you have stock in QuickBooks for it. Simply click the "out of stock" box on the item and it will show as "Out of Stock" on the Portal.

    How do I create a Category?

    In the Category section of the Control Panel click on the + button at the bottom of the screen. Once the right side tab opens, fill in the information and click "create" to finish. See video guide.

    Categorizing products.

    After a category is created, you can start assigning products to it. Simply go to the Products section and select the items either one-by-one or multiple products at the same time, then indicate which category they belong in from the options on the menu at the bottom of the screen. Click here for a video demonstration.

    Home Banners
    What are Banners and how do I create one?

    Home Banners are like ads that you can create for your Home Page to promote products or even just to communicate something to your buyers. Click here to learn more.

    How do I add pictures to my products?

    Please contact your Flowsmith sales representative for additional information and instructions on adding images to your portal.