The easiest storefront for QuickBooks based B2B companies

A hassle-free ordering system that empowers your sales reps and customers through a streamlined QuickBooks portal. Specially developed for small and mid-sized QuickBooks-based enterprises.

Products catalog with options to add quantity to the cart

The easiest way to manage your
wholesale orders

A hassle-free ordering system that empowers your sales reps and customers through a streamlined QuickBooks portal. Especially developed for small and mid-sized QuickBooks-based enterprises.
Easily reduce costs and improve your company’s performance - Create a beautiful portal for your brand with Flowsmith.

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Malabrigo using Flowsmith to display their yarns. In this particular case, a category page, with a menu where the user can find the rest of the categories and a cart to make the sale easier.

It’s more than a store

Ordek delivers everything you need to make it easy for your customer to place orders that sync to Quikbooks.

Continuous inventory sync between your Wholesale store and Quickboooks

Enter an item in quickbooks and it is ready to sell at the store.

A full set of promotion tools, featured products, back in stock, etc.

Fully customizable, you choose which customers can log in, or which items you sell.

Automated QuickBooks order generation.

Customer portal let’s your customer see their previous orders.

Supports Quickbooks price list and multiple currency features.

Rep support, have your Rep enter an order for the customer.

How does our service work?

Flowsmith creates a beautiful and responsive Portal for your company through which customers and reps can place orders, check inventory online, and more. Your Portal will synchronize with QuickBooks Desktop in any version.

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“At first, we had to adjust our QuickBooks account in order to use it. However, from that moment on we started noticing numerous savings on both, information uploading and stock refreshing, we simply couldn’t believe it. What’s more, our clients are in love with our new ecommerce and thank us for it”

Tobias Feder

malabrigo CEO

Sales Rep Portal

  • Improve your internal communication.
  • Enter new customer orders directly on your phone, tablet, or computer. These orders will be automatically entered into QuickBooks.
  • Have up-to-date stock information at your fingertips.
  • Rapid order entry, avoid wasting time writing in front of a customer.
  • Review customer order history on the go, and see customer pricing on the spot.
When the user is a sales rep, before making a purchase they need to select for which customer of their Quickbooks list they want to order. This list is synced with the store.

Customer portal

  • Professional portal for easy ordering.
  • Place orders from any device.
  • Easily access and review previous transactions with Order History.
  • Your cart syncs between devices: start your order on the phone and finish it on the computer.
  • Offline order entry available.
  • Customize your catalog view any way you'd like using our categories.
  • Access helpful tools such as Favorites, Back in Stock, and more.
  • Beautiful and user-friendly website design.
Flowsmith is a professional site app where you can place order from any device. This is an example of the look and feel of the app on mobile. Products still looks really good, you have a menu to access the rest of categories and a bottom menu to navigate between pages

Business Owner and Portal Management

  • Organize orders by phone, email or fax.
  • Provide your customers with your up-to-date stock.
    You can choose if out of stock items are still available for purchase or not.
  • Showcase your items and promotions, including the ability to feature new products.
  • Marketing: Access various promotional tools, including automatic email notification for customers when a product is back in stock.
  • Use QuickBooks' multiple price list tool directly through the Flowsmith portal.
  • Easily manage users and information through the elegant back-office dashboard.
  • Keep track of whether an order is made by a store or by a sales rep with QuickBooks classes.
  • The portal is easy to set up and quick to integrate - you will be working with your portal in less than a week.
Beautiful back office portal where you can easy manage all your Quickbooks information and get all synced with the store

QuickBooks integration

QuickBooks is a must have software for any business. It really simplifies and streamlines the accounting, tracking and reporting and for the most part, guarantees that the process of managing your company finances will be much easier.
Outdated stocks
Many steps to enter an order, errors can be introduced.

Information is generally outdated


“The new website is wonderful. You have done an excellent job - colors are great! As I have talked to my stores, they have been so complimentary on how it looks and how easy it is.”

Kerry A.

Sales Representative

“love love love the new website. not one glitch when ordering. the design and layout is excellent, very intuitive. love having all my past orders there. nice job!!!!!”


FiberArts in the Glen, Watkins Glen, NY

“I want to let you know I LOVE the new website! Number don't know how many times I was frustrated because I got side-tracked and my entire order disappeared after only 30 minutes of being away from the site. Imagine my DELIGHT when I started an order last week, and logged onto the site today, and found my order SAVED!”

Diane Justice

Ecrigirl's Eclectic Finds Oakland CA

Since we use Flowsmith order management has become a lot more professional. After entering an order and receiving a confirmation email we rest assured that it was correctly done, and if there is a mistake it can be recognized and corrected immediately. After installing the system we do not need to contact the office so often. Going back to what it was before Flowsmith it would be a step backwards.


Sales Representative - Interfries, Miami FL.

Case studies

preview, case study malabrigo, flowsmith

Our friends at Malabrigo Yarn are our very first clients. Learn how Flowsmith has helped them optimize their order processing and what has changed since they chose us!

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preview, case study interfries, flowsmith

Interfries, a frozen food products distributor located in Florida, chose Flowsmith mainly to help their Sales Reps optimize their order placing and saw their entire sales process optimized!

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Unlimited monthly orders

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