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A hassle-free ordering system specially built for wholesale B2B companies that run on QuickBooks®. Start saving time and money today! Let's talk

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Flowsmith is an order management app specially designed with the B2B wholesale company in mind. But it’s much more than that! It also lets you see inventory in real-time, check order history, invoices, visualize products and navigate in a clean and intuitive way. And the best part, it all syncs automatically with QuickBooks.
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1. What does Flowsmith mean?
No more manual and redundant data input; no more orders placed via phone, email or fax; no more inventory mix-ups and typos. All of that results in saving your clients’ time and money, propelling profits and letting them focus on growth!
2. How does it work?
Flowsmith creates a beautifully designed online storefront for the wholesale business and connects it to the client’s QuickBooks file. The website is then populated with the file’s information (SKU’s, inventory, contacts).
3. It all syncs automatically
Customers and sales reps will use this online website to place new orders, check their past ones, review invoices, and MUCH more, on any device and from anywhere! Everything will keep in sync with QuickBooks. After implementing Flowsmith, your clients will be wondering why weren't they using it earlier!

Case Studies

Malabrigo Yarn

Learn how Malabrigo Yarn’s sales shot up by more than 20% on orders placed with Flowsmith.


Flowsmith boosted frozen food distributor Interfries sales reps efficiency by improving product visibility and reducing unnecessary and redundant communications.
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See you at #SNH21!

We are excited to announce that we will be joining this October's Scaling New Heights in Ft. Worth, Texas! This will be a great opportunity to learn more about Flowsmith and about our partnership programs. Hope to see you there!

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Flowsmith offers important fees, both ongoing and per referral. Increase your QuickBooks ProAdvisor revenue and be key for your client’s growth. Offer your client a FREE 30 Day Trial + Exclusive benefits on any of our memberships when signing up through you!
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