Case Study – A Small Craft Company and Flowsmith

With over 15 years in business this company is the leading Cashmere brand in the yarn industry

A small, single owned yarn company, purveyors of hand dyed cashmere and other luxury yarns. They offer a wide variety of colors and textures to their yarn shop customers. Jade Sapphire has been in business for more than 15 years.

Despite the years of operation, the company did not offer the customers a way to order online. It had only a general website with company and product information. Customers had to write down their own orders using the online catalog, a cumbersome process for a company that offered over 10 basic products (yarns) with over 100 variations (colors).

Before Flowsmith

·        The Business owner spent long hours entering orders by hand into QuickBooks.

·        Both sales representatives and customers placed orders via email, phone calls or even fax.

·        There was an outdated and counterintuitive online catalog that did not allow order placement and was cumbersome for the customers.

·        Customers could not place orders online.

·        The company did not have a color/texture item to order from, just a list of colors on one side and a list of qualities on the other.

·        Customers had to call or email to see previous invoices, order history and balance due



After Flowsmith

·        Customers and reps place order online that are synchronized into QuickBooks. Data entry time was eliminated.  Both now receive an order confirmation with a copy of the order.

·        The company improved the ordering process, with an intuitive and attractive ecommerce experience.

·        Products and categories online have an enhanced visual display that allows for a better product view and a beautiful catalog solution

·        The company owner can now focus on other, more important task than entering orders into QuickBooks. This helps the company focus on growth.

·        Customer satisfaction was significantly boosted.

·        Customers now have access to their full invoice history, sales orders and balance 24/7.

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